Say hi to Naqiba.

Naqiba Ernada [2001] is a creative director, artist, storyteller and  based in Indonesia. Her work varies from selling products to raising the awareness of climate issues and mental health. 

She has worked alongside: Maison Eftya, Lazy Susan, and Guitars for Veterans Australia.

Naqiba is has recently graduated from dual degree program taking Communications and Adveritsing at Universitas Indonesia and Deakin University. 🏋🏻‍♀️

Check out her Work & Projects to see how she can help/collab with you:-)


Oh yeah.. also.. She loves to ☕️️Journal

Naqiba’s POV of things is that anything can be beautiful and romanticized, everything has a story. Her way of telling stories visually is through her Journal; more than just your average “dear diary”, it is filled with collages of her journeys. Above explores “Tea page” and “Previous purchases”, where she creates something more from reciepts and tags.